Pit Bull Brutally Stabbed To Death After Failed Petnapping

A pit bull was killed after being brutally stabbed when its owner tried to fight off its would-be kidnappers, according to a report by the NBC Bay Area.

The pit bull was out on a walk with its owner last Friday morning in San Francisco's Mission district when two men, both in their 20s, threatened them at knifepoint. One of the suspects tried to grab the pit bull at the intersection of 22nd and Bartlett streets. This led to a street fight when the owner tried to defend it.

The fight ended with the pit bull being stabbed. The pit bull's owner realized his pit bull was hurt after the two suspects had fled the scene. The owner rushed his pit bull to a nearby animal hospital, where the dog later died of its wounds.

"At this point we don't have any indication [that] the suspects were after the gentleman's property. It appears they were after his dog." according to Officer Gordon Shyy of the San Francisco Police Department.

San Francisco dog owners are alarmed and enraged by the incident. Pet owners claim that San Francisco is normally a very dog friendly city, which has been reported to have more dogs than children.

"I always feel safe with my dog walking around, it's upsetting to hear that maybe I'm not as safe as I feel" says San Francisco dog owner Lily Eggers.

One dog owner admits to be willing to do the same thing the pit bull owner did when faced with a similar situation. "If someone came and tried to grab Buttercup I would kill him! I would defend Buttercup as I would defend my own child", said dog owner Alicia Wang. "Because you know, they're not just animals, they're not just pets. They're our family members, they're our kids."

Another dog owner says that injuring an animal is like hurting your fellow humans. "Injuring an animal like that should almost be comparable to injuring another human being" said Patrick Uhm, another dog owner.

Pet owners and lovers say they hope the dog attackers are caught and punished.

"It's definitely a serious case; the animal cruelty charge is a felony which has serious consequences "said Gordon Shyy.

Despite the alarming nature of the crime, police say that attacks like this are unusual. The police however, are urging dog owners to be on their guard.

Police advice pit bull owners in the area to keep an eye against potential pet-nappers.

[Image from green kozi via Flickr]