Community Fundraiser Will Spark Positive Change Through Gardening, Music

On Saturday, April 26, six bands and a poet will work together to positively influence the town of Charlottesville, Virginia by participating in a community fundraiser event that creatively combines the powerful artistry of music with the practical sustainability of gardening. What’s more, it invites any community member who’s interested to share in every bit of the festivities.

This innovative and thoughtful community fundraiser is a prime example of how even when it seems like some artists are solely concerned with doing things that benefit themselves, a precious but still noticeable few are eager to put others first.

The community event is officially called The Winter Line Presents: 6 Bands, 1 Poet – Grafting Sustenance and Soul. It involves The Haven, a day shelter for the homeless, and the PATCH Community Garden. The latter is comprised of two acres of land donated to The Haven by an anonymous local developer. It’s significant because it helps feed the shelter’s occupants.

On the day of the community event, the poet and musicians will collaborate with the community to plant starter seeds and several apple trees, while also helping maintain the garden. That portion of the day takes place from 1-4 pm, across from Charlottesville’s Tonsler Park.

All are invited and strongly encouraged to participate. Taking part not only will do something good for others but also waive the admission fee for the performance aspect of the fundraiser.

Once a person spends at least two hours working in the community garden, he or she will get a slip that indicates participation. Admission to the evening performance is otherwise $10, with all proceeds going to benefit The Haven.

In case you’re wondering about the part of the fundraiser title that refers to The Winter Line, they are a talented Charlottesville folk-rock/Americana act on the rise. Many lyrical themes in their original repertoire are related to encouraging worthwhile changes, both in the local community, and the world at large.

It should make sense, then, why this community fundraiser is the perfect thing for them to organize and sponsor. At a time when so many musicians are content to just make money by creating material that’s pleasing to the ear, but has little or no deeper meaning, The Winter Line continually inspire others by practicing the very things idealized within their songs.

Whereas the gardening part of the community fundraiser takes place in the afternoon, the performance aspect will occur from 7-10 pm. The confirmed list of musicians is as follows: Frank Bechter, The Rung and Spoke, Mockingbirds, The Working Effective, Matthew McAllister, and The Winter Line.

Between musical sets at the fundraiser, local artist Bernard Hankins will present an original five-piece poem, never before performed for an audience. That ensures attendees will get treated to a full program of engaging material. The evening’s performances will loosely feature themes about making the world a better place.

Clearly, this community fundraiser has all the ingredients of a truly extraordinary event. Although many charitable causes ask people to donate money, this fundraiser goes a step further by helping maintain and enhance a garden that can offer advantages to the local community throughout the years. If only all artists were so willing to make positive impacts rather than just padding their pocketbooks, the planet would be a much different place.

[Photo Credit: The Winter Line]