Harry Styles: Fan Fiction Based On 1D Star To Be Made Into A Movie?

Harry Styles has some really, dedicated fans, and their craziness over the One Direction star is beginning to sow its sweet, sweet fruits. Anna Todd, die-hard Harry Styles fan, who wrote a fan fiction based on the singer’s character, is rumored to have snagged a movie deal according to entertainment website Deadline.

This is the time when being a crazy, dedicated fan to Harry Styles pays off!

In their latest report, they confirmed that talks really have been going around the industry about Todd’s fan fic, entitled “After” which is reportedly set to be shown in the big screen. UTA allegedly was in talks with Todd regarding her Harry Styles-inspired literature, which is set to appear in three movie installments – trilogy style.

Anna’s story surrounds a character named Tessa Young, an 18 year old college student who leads a simple life with her sweet boyfriend until she meets a rude boy named Harry (hint: it’s based on Styles), a young, rebellious guy full of tattoos and piercings who makes Tessa’s life a bit more complicated. Tessa grows to become addicted to Harry, whose deviant nature allures him into another side of love previously unknown to her.

According to sources, the Styles-inspired story hit more than 500 million views on Wattpad, making it one of the most read stories on the story-sharing site.

Although Harry Styles fans totally loved the story, some of them criticized its seemingly similar nature to Fifty Shades of Grey, with some going as far as to describe it as a close cousin without the S and M.

Deadline got the chance to talk with Candice Faktor, who described the Wattpad platform as follows:

“A writer and reader community to collaborate and share nonfiction, fiction and fan fiction. It is a mobile experience that is very social and where writers establish a personal connection with their audience.”

Who wouldn’t want to make a fan fiction about adorable Harry Styles. His recent hijinks have won him countless of fans over the past few years. Last week, Styles was at the center of pop world amusement as he made a “lovable fool” of himself in front of legendary star Tom Hanks.

According to an Inquisitr report, Styles, who was reportedly very, very drunk, had a rather amusing encounter with the Captain Phillips star during an Eagles concert in January. The story was detailed by Kathy Griffin, who was witness to Harry Styles’ cutely boisterous adventures.

Are you excited for the Harry Styles fan fiction movie?

[Image from Wattpad]