Wyatt Earp Colt Revolver Used At O.K. Corral Gun Fight In Tombstone Sold For $225k

Patrick Frye

The Wyatt Earp gun used during the O.K. corral gun fight in Tombstone has been sold at auction for $225,000, selling for quite a bit higher than its estimated value.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, back in 2012 the guns used by Bonnie and Clyde were sold at auction for over half a million dollars. Going back in time to the Wild Wild West, performer Annie Oakley's gun sold for $143,400, which seems like a steal compared to the good sheriff's gun.

Wyatt Earp became famous as Pima County Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Town Marshal in Tombstone, Arizona. His main claim to fame was a feud that led to gun fight at the O.K. Corral during which lawmen killed three outlaw Cowboys. This particular part of his life has been dramatized by various movies and TV shows. Earp died in Los Angeles on January 13, 1929 after becoming well known as an icon of the American West.

Because Wyatt Earp is still so well known today explains why his weapon could sell at such a high price. The auction sold off Earp's Colt.45 revolver as part of an estate sale for the late Glenn Boyer, who wrote several books about the famous American lawman. The gun was valued before the auction as being worth between $100,000 and $150,000, but the bidding pushed the price all the way up to $225,00.

Josh Levine, owner of J. Levine Auction & Appraisal, says a phone bidder from New Mexico put in the winning bid, and also expressed surprise at the high level of bidding by the thousands of bidders:

"I think we crushed it. I was happy the fair market really decided what these items were worth. I had no idea whether these items were going to sell."

Unfortunately, there was a little bit of controversy surrounding the Wyatt Earp gun. Some historians claimed that Boyer fabricated portions of his books and the Colt.45 pistol once had the barrel, grip, and cylinder replaced in addition to having its serial number rubbed off.