Burger King To Offer ‘Whopper Wi-Fi’ In All US Restaurants Courtesy Of AT&T

Burger King is giving folks another reason to stop by for a Whopper.

The fast food restaurant will soon roll out free Wi-Fi to its customers across the United States. Instead of selecting just a few locations, the company intends to give patrons access to the internet in all of its restaurants in the United States.

According to InvestorPlace, Burger King will receive a little help from the folks at AT&T in their quest to bring Wi-Fi to its thousands of locations across the country. The website explains that this is the first nationwide deployment of AT&T Wi-Fi Ready Zone in the US.

A Burger King press release explains that the so-called “Whopper Wi-Fi” will replace the service that’s already available at restaurants. The new service is reportedly easier to use and “more robust” than what’s currently available to customers.

“Whopper Wi-Fi is about improving the in-restaurant experience for our guests. Most of our guests carry smart phones or tablets, and this upgrade makes their time with us easier and more enjoyable. We are committed to enhancing our digital platforms across the board and having Whopper Wi-Fi is just the beginning,” Burger King’s Alex Macedo said in a statement.

AT&T’s Dan Walsh added, “Wi-Fi connectivity is a growing priority for businesses and we’re providing solutions that support that need. AT&T’s reliable Wi-Fi network aligns with the BURGER KING® brand commitment to create the best guest experience and lays the foundation for continued growth.”

Of course, the Whopper Wi-Fi isn’t the only reason Burger King hopes you’ll swing by one its many restaurants in the United States. The Inquisitr previously reported that the company recently unveiled the Chicken King Burger, a variation on its Big Mac knock-off.

Since Burger King has enjoyed plenty of success with its King Burger, the company decided to take that concept and introduce something new. In short: It’s essentially the same thing with a slab of chicken in place of beef.

“With the Chicken Big King, we’re taking that platform and innovating on it. [The double-decker sandwich] is a widely known platform that has been relatively dormant over the past few years. We brought in the Big King and that created a lot of excitement. Now we’re bringing a second round with the Chicken Big King,” Macedo explained.

What do you think about Burger King offering an updated version of its Wi-Fi in its US restaurants? Is this enough to convince you to stop in and pick up a Whopper?

[Image via 360b / Shutterstock.com]