Chief Keef Honors Blood Money By Releasing Slain Rapper’s Music

Chief Keef plans to drop some unreleased music from slain rapper Blood Money in the very near future.

Keef’s cousin was reportedly murdered shortly after he signed a record deals with the folks at Interscope. Since the rapper never had a chance to share his considerable skills with the entire world, Chief intends to make sure some of his endeavors see the light of day. explains that Chief Keef revealed his plans to release some of Blood Money’s work in a recent post on Twitter. Unfortunately, it’s unknown when the rapper intends to share his late cousin’s output with the world.

It’s clear that the rapper’s death has taken its toll on Chief Keef over the past few days. He’s referenced his cousin several times on the micro-blogging site.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Blood Money — born Mario Hess — had recently received a $50,000 advance after signing a record deal with Interscope Records. Two gunmen reportedly fired more than a dozen shots at the rapper, 10 of which hit him and a relative who was at the scene during the incident. He passed away from his injuries on April 9.

Renaldo Reuben Hess, who managed the late rapper’s music career, said he was attempting to get the guy out of Englewood, Chicago due to the increasing amount of violence in the area. His deal with Interscope was definitely a step in the right direction.

“It’s a lot of crime and violence in Chicago. These rap guys are being targeted, so you know, just trying to get him outside the neighborhood. He’s from the streets,” Hess explained.

He added, “He was basically trying to just get his rap career together because that’s a good opportunity. They gave him some money upfront. It was a good chance for him to get himself out the hood.”

Weeks prior to the shooting, the rapper appeared on the Chief Keef track “F*** Rehab.” Mario Hess, a member of Keef’s Glory Boyz Entertainment, was on the verge of taking the world by storm when the tragedy took place.

What do you think about Chief Keef dropping some of his late cousin’s unreleased work? Are you curious to hear some of the stuff the rapper was working on before his death?

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