Miley Cyrus: Required Recovery ‘Five To 27 Days’ – Not Pleased With ‘Ignorant Stories’

Miley Cyrus has had a tough week: It started off with being rushed to the hospital and is concluding with… still being in the hospital.

While the cancellation of Miley’s Tuesday Kansas City show seemed a big deal to many at the time, as this week progressed more Miley Cyrus shows got called off, and still more face the Wrecking Ball while the singer recovers her health.

According to a Cyrus representative, that recovery could take up to another three weeks.

Miley’s Bangerz Tour was put on, what was expected to be, a short hiatus when she was admitted to a Kansas City hospital on Tuesday for a reportedly bad reaction to antibiotics.

As Tuesday came and went, Miley Cyrus was up and tweeting early Wednesday morning after doctor’s had ordered her to remain in the Kansas City hospital for a second day. Wednesday night’s St Louis show had also been cancelled, and Cyrus had to break the news to her fans:

“Im so sorry but somethings are outta my control,” Cyrus tweeted Wednesday, again apparently from her hospital bed. “I can’t get a hold of my team because it is so early so I want to be the one to tell my fans especially the ones trekking to get there(tbc).”

By yesterday, Miley Cyrus was tweeting she was “over the hospital,” a photo accompanying the tweet confirming she was still laid up in a hospital bed. “Can’t quit crying i wanna go back on tour. im meant to be onstage performing for y’all… not laying in a hospital bed,” concluded the recovering star.

Even before this week’s Kansas City and St. Louis show cancellations, last week’s Charlotte, North Carolina concert also didn’t happen because Cyrus was reportedly suffering a “flu-like illness”.

A statement sent to CNN from a Miley Cyrus representative shed more light on what the Party in the USA singer was dealing with, and possibly how long she might need to recuperate:

“Miley was suffering from a sinus infection during her tour in N.C. a week ago. She was prescribed the antibiotic Cephalexin which she has now suffered an extreme allergic reaction to,” said the representative. “This type of extreme reaction can last from five to 27 days in these types of cases… She will remain hospitalized and is under a doctor’s care until we see some improvement in her condition and is asking for your compassion and privacy at this time. Miley is devastated about missing shows and possibly disappointing her fans.”

Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour has upcoming shows in Nashville, Louisville, Philadelphia, Uniondale, N.Y. and Connecticut, all of which are within the “five to 27” day window.

Cyrus’ Thursday Tweets showed her frustration, not just with the state of her health, but also with how it’s being covered in the media:

“So many ignorant stories out there no one is reading the official statement and these dumb asses are scaring my fans.” Followed by, “shut the f**k up & let me heal. stop scaring my family, friends, & fans.”

Going into the Easter weekend, however, Miley’s spirits seemed to be looking up as she tweeted, “I am a RAINBOW WARRIOR”, earlier noting that MTV had made a get well commercial “just for Miley to say get well soon! Sweet of them!”

Hopefully this positive vibe will prevail and Miley Cyrus will be recovered and back on stage soon.