Is ‘Wrecking Ball’ Co-Writer MoZella Collaborating With Madonna?

“Wrecking Ball” co-writer MoZella is reportedly working with Madonna for the Material Girl’s next album.

The “Lucky Star” singer knows a hit song when she hears one. Instead of sitting down with pen and paper to write something just as catchy as the aforementioned Miley Cyrus tune, Madonna is going straight to the source. The singer is no doubt hoping that she can cook up something as catchy and popular as “Wrecking Ball” in the near future.

According to Perez Hilton, the singer-songwriter is one of several folks Madonna is collaborating with for her new album. While it’s unlikely that she’ll end up with something as insanely successful as “Wrecking Ball” — lightening doesn’t frequently strike twice — chances are they could put together something truly memorable.

New co-workers on Madonna’s upcoming album revealed: Singer/songwriter MoZella & Producers Toby Gad and Symbolyc One!

— Madonna † Latest (@MDNALatest_) April 14, 2014

Idolator explains that the “Wrecking Ball” co-writer should find her work alongside efforts from Toby Gad, Natalia Kills, Symbolyc One, and EDM superstar Avicii on the upcoming album. Unfortunately, there’s not too much info about the project floating around the internet as of this writing.

However, it’s clear that Madonna is pulling out all the stops for her next batch of songs. Since the singer has plenty of competition on the pop circuit these days, she’s making sure her material stands out from the pack. She’s certainly assembled plenty of people to make this happen.

Although MoZella is best known for co-writing “Wrecking Ball” with Miley Cyrus, the songstress’ skills don’t begin and end with her ability to put together a catchy tune. The Detroit-born talent is also a singer and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to “Wrecking Ball,” she also penned the track “Tumbling Down” with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder.

The singer has a handful of EPs and albums on the market as well. Her first proper release arrived back in 2005, an effort she followed up with the full-length album I Will. According to the review posted at AllMusic, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The website explained:

“With a voice like Macy Gray or Norah Jones, she sings melodically interesting pop songs full of introspection and vulnerability countered with just the right amount of bitterness. ‘I Will’ is an album for pop music fans who want to expand their boundaries without crossing over into indie territory; it’s got a little more edge and a little more soul than most other major label releases, but it’s still very safe and accessible.”

What do you think about Madonna teaming up with “Wrecking Ball” co-writer MoZella for her new record?