Backstreet Boys Blasted By NSYNC Member Joey Fatone

Backstreet Boys have attempted to make a resurgence multiple times over the past decade, and while some may admire their desire to perform, former NSYNC member Joey Fatone thinks they’re only in it for the pay day.

In an interview with Huffpost Live, Fatone was quick to criticize the boys in Backstreet, and said he thinks they’re only touring to make some extra cash.

“I feel like they just need the money,” said Fatone to HuffPost Live‘s Caitlyn Becker. “No offense, guys. But I’m saying, if you think about it, it’s like, ‘Why are you coming back out again?'”

Fatone’s harsh words come on the heels of the Backstreet Boys’ announcement that they’re hitting the road with pop-rock songstress Avril Lavigne next month and well into the summer. The pop stars made the announcement on Good Morning America just last month.

Brian Litrell, arguably the leader of BSB, said in a statement that their decision to tour with Avril Lavigne was based off their admiration for her as an artist.

“Avril is an unbelievably talented artist who’s a perfect fit to make these shows extra special for our fans,” said Litrell in the statement.

Still, it’s clear that NSYNC’s Joey Fatone doesn’t see BSB’s decision to continue touring as anything more than a good pay day, saying that he can’t see any reason why they would continue to go on the road without a new album, other than needing the money.

“If you’re coming out with an album, that’s great. Do it. Do it up,” said Fatone. “But it’s always interesting to see like what and how you’re gonna evolve.”

Backstreet Boys first rose to stardom in the late 1990s, rivaling Fatone’s band NSYNC as well as a number of other pop groups during that time. In 2007, member Kevin Richardson decided to leave the band in the midst of recording a new album. After numerous tours as a four-piece for the years that followed, including a highly anticipated collaboration with New Kids On The Block, Richardson rejoined the group full time in 2012.

For Fatone, he doesn’t see any reason for NSYNC to get back on the road, saying that unless they start working on an album, they’ll all be focusing on their own projects for now. The boy band briefly reunited at the MTV Video Music Awards last year, prompting speculation from excited fans that a new album was in the works. That doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon, as Fatone is currently hosting several different television shows while Justin Timberlake is continuing his huge solo career, but who knows? Maybe Joey will need the money, too. If Backstreet Boys did it, NSYNC sure could too. Don’t count it out, Fatone.