Watch 'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Episode 3 Live Online: Will We Learn Joffrey's Killer?

Viewers who want to watch Game of Thrones live online will see a dramatic episode with a pair of pressing questions --- will they reveal Joffrey's killer, and can HBO Go fix the bugs in its live streaming video?

The network has made the wildly popular series available for live streaming through its online arm, but so far the first two weeks have been plagued with interruptions. Higher than expected viewership has caused HBO Go to crash several times, leaving those trying to watch Game of Thrones live online instead staring at a blank screen (link to the live stream available below).

Last week's episode also had quite a shock at the wedding between Joffrey and Margaery. As the festivities were winding down, Joffrey drank a goblet filled with poison and choked to death, with blood pouring out of his mouth and nose.

Fingers were pointed at Tyrion, who was the last to be holding the goblet of wine before Joffrey drank from it, but there are a host of other suspects who could have slipped poison into the drink. Of course, those who read the Game of Thrones books already know the killer's identity, but it's unclear if it will be revealed on this week's episode or not.

The director of this Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, Alex Graves, said that things are only going to get more exciting from here.

"Episode three is in part an aftermath episode, where you settle and everything takes a turn toward the second half of the season," Graves tells The Hollywood Reporter.'

Graves added that Sunday's episode will contain "one of the best speeches in the series," and said the fallout from Joffrey's death will last through the season.

"Joffrey's death is a beginning. Ned Stark's death was not an end -- it was a beginning. It's when the show began," he said. "All the deaths are like that, and Joffrey's is no different. Joffrey's death affects the show through to the climax."

Viewers who want to watch the Game of Thrones episode live online can click here for HBO Go.