Young Man Urinates In Portland Water Reservoir ; City Drains 38 Million Gallons Of Water [Video]

Wednesday, a young, adult male urinated in a Portland drinking water reservoir and was caught on video surveillance, Portland officials say. The reservoir was an open-air water reservoir that held a supply of water Portland residents use in their homes. The city has been draining the 38 million gallons of drinking water from Reservoir 5 at Mount Tabor Park due to the deliberate water tainting, according to WSMV News. It is unclear why one man urinating justifies draining 38 million gallons of water from the reservoir given that birds and other animals have been urinating and defecating in the water supply for years, but officials say they just wanted to be cautious.

City officials state that their justification for draining the drinking water is that the water has already been treated and was ready to drink. City officials claim that although it is true that birds and other animals have been eliminating themselves into the water, Portland residents have been accustomed to this practice with no negative consequences. The city officials didn’t feel comfortable supplying Portland residents with deliberately tainted drinking water. The water supply was tested and all test results came up negative. Portland officials say the Bull Run watershed has an ample water supply at present, so the 38 million gallons that have been drained will not be a hardship on the city’s supply.

City Commissioner Nick Fish, who runs the Portland Water Bureau, said he chose to err on the side of public health when dealing with contamination, Oregon Live reported. “I didn’t have a choice. I don’t have the luxury of slicing it too thin when there’s a potential risk, however small, to public health,” the commissioner said. “Frankly, it’s one of those calls where you know you’re likely to be criticized no matter what.

A group of five teen were seen at the Mount Tabor Park water reservoir at about 1 a.m. Wednesday. Two of the men left, but the remaining three were videotaped causing trouble, officials say. Trey Michael McDaniel, 19, and Daniel Delynn McDonald, 18, tried to climb the fence, but a Portland police officer and water bureau ranger were able to arrive at the scene of the public urination in time to give citations. Dallas Jeffrey Delynn, 18, was filmed as he urinated into the water reservoir through the iron fence, according to WSMV News. McDaniel says he is not a local resident and was unaware that he was trespassing. The water supply was immediately taken off-line to be tested and drained. Draining the water reservoir will take between four to six days, according to officials. The three men were ticketed for trespassing. Delynn was additionally cited with public urination. The Portland Water Bureau plans to press charges. All evidence will be given to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office to determine if any charges will be able to be brought against the men.

In 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that all finished drinking water be stored in covered reservoirs. The City of Portland is in the process of complying with this federal mandate and Reservoir 5 on Mt. Tabor is slated to be permanently disconnected by December 31, 2015,” the Portland Water Bureau stated on its website.

While the teen who urinated in the Portland water reservoir has been caught, the Ypsilanti “serial playground pooper” has still not been found despite nearly a dozen cameras that have just been installed in the vicinity.