Sportscaster Craig Sager Diagnosed With Leukemia

Craig Sager today has begun acute leukemia treatment that his son says will take three to four weeks.

If the name isn’t immediately familiar to you, Sager is the long-time TV courtside and sideline sports reporter/analyst who is best known for his over-the top wardrobe. See the Kevin Garnett commentary in the video below.

The all-around “good sport” has worked the TNT NBA broadcasts for 17 years as well as appearing on TBS MLB games. “Sager is a mainstay of NBA telecasts with his ridiculously, wonderfully wild outfits and the playoffs just won’t be the same without him. But, as his son points out, he’ll have time to dream up some new concoctions.”

Sager — a Northwestern university graduate — has a national sports reporter since 1981 when he joined CNN. He has also covered golf, college football, and the Olympics during his career.

This unfortunate health issue likely means that Sager won’t be covering the 2014 NBA playoffs at all this year as his son has alluded to on social media. Turner Broadcasting has yet to issued an official statement on Sager’s status for the upcoming game telecasts, however.

Craig Sager, Jr., also tweeted that doctors told the family that his dad was luekemia free on Tuesday and then changed the diagnosis entirely the following day which he deemed a “gut check.”

The family has already received many well wishes on Twitter for Craig Sager’s quick recovery after a course of treatment for acute leukemia.

[top image credit: Peter Bond]