South Luangwa National Park Hosts Epic Battle Between Hippos And Crocodiles [VIDEO]

Well-known nature photographer, Marc Mol, recently uploaded a fantastic set of pictures of an epic battle of beasts. The South Luangwa National Park, located in Zambia, Africa, “hosted” a fight between what seems to be about one hundred crocodiles versus a herd of hippos.

According to Metro, the incredible images captured the “battle of the beasts” at South Luangwa National Park, alongside the river about two days ago. It shows the moment when an army of crocodiles surrounding a group of hippos. One dead hippo can be seen enclosed within the midst of the mob of hungry crocs as they ready themselves to indulge in a meal. More hippos can be seen staying a safe distance away from the one-hundred-strong croc army until quickly making their way up stream to safety.

Marc Mol, who captured the event in a series of photos while on a helicopter ride over the South Luangwa National Park, stated that the “battle of beasts” is an experience he would “never forget”. However, he added that the hippo’s death in his pictures is probably not from the crocodiles as ge states:

“This hippo most likely died from anthrax, which lies dormant for many years, but can get stirred up if the dry season is an extended one.”

As for Marc Mol personally, he’s been a nature photographer for quite some time now, especially at South Luangwa National Park. He has over 300 photos within his portfolio listed on his profile at 500px. His biography on his profile states the following:

“I first developed an interest in photography close to 40 years ago, back in the old days of film. I enjoy all forms of Nature photography, with a passion for African wildlife in particular. I’ve often thought of embarking on photography as a career, however, preferring to photograph what I like rather than be tainted by whether or not my images will sell. The images that I do manage to market are also the ones that I too enjoy the most. By sharing some of my images, I hope to develop an awareness of the frailty of so many of our animal species.”

In related animal news, pertaining to another hippo and crocodile incident, a hippo scared a crocodile away saving a gnu, as reported here on The Inquisitr. In that situation, the hippo won, but it should be noted the hippo was in a fair one-on-one fight, compared to a herd of hippos going against a hundred crocodiles like at South Luangwa National Park.

Due to ownership, the official pictures cannot be posted here on The Inquisitr. However, you can view a video of the showdown at South Luangwa National Park in the video above or check out a gallery of the pictures at Daily News.

[Image via Bing]