Family Raves? Yes, They’re All The Rage In London

Parenting tends to make most people tone down hard-partying lifestyles. However, if you have little ones in tow and still feel the urge to get down on the dance floor, London’s family raves might be for you. One company is trying to prove that being a parent doesn’t have to go hand-in-hand with a boring, party-free existence. Surprisingly, feedback is mostly positive so far.

The family raves don’t happen exclusively at a particular location. Rather, they’re often in places normally used to host events for people who don’t yet have to figure out how to have fun without sacrificing the duties of parenthood. On specific afternoons, however, raves are opened to clubbers who have toddlers, and kids who are even younger.

The raves boast a “chill out area” where mothers can find some privacy and a respite from pulsing bass beats in case they want to breastfeed. There’s also a craft table, ideal for little family members who want to bring out their artistic sides while under the glow of strobe lights.

Some attendees of the raves are so young they still get carried around by their parents in sling devices, too young to walk independently or for long lengths of time. Surprisingly, the volume level of the music at family raves is reportedly almost identical to what might be heard at a traditional throwdown, but organizers say it’s still safe for little ears.

Anyone who attends these raves might be surprised to see how youngsters are eager to show off dance moves, often looking very similar to their adult counterparts. Kids who want to get their own tattoos can also do so at the bar. Fortunately for everyone involved, they’re only temporary, so are free of both pain and regret.

The concept of family raves is the brainchild of a company called Big Fish Little Fish. Using a bit of creative wordplay, the business brands itself as being targeted to “2-4-hour party people,” meaning individuals who want to have fun but don’t have the level of endurance required for all-night raves. If you’re curious, but not quite ready to attend one of the raves, this quote from the company’s website might get you fully on board: “Like the best wedding reception ever, or a really good after-gig party at someone’s house, it’s a place to cut loose and have a straight-up good time.”

The family raves are geared toward parents who have kids eight years of age or younger, but anyone is welcome at to attend as long as the family is comprised of both kids and adults. So, there you have it. Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to kiss your partying days goodbye.

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