Justin Bieber Crashes Drake Bell’s Album Release Party In Masterclass Shade

Justin Bieber crashed Drake Bell’s album release party at Mixology at the Grove in Los Angeles last night after two-years of unilateral bashing from Bell. Bad move or about time?

Justin Bieber crashed Drake Bell’s album release party last night, and it was pretty epic.

It’s widely known that Bell isn’t overly fond of Bieber. If we ditch political correctness, Drake seems to hate Justin despite his recent protestations of having “nothing against the kid.” On top of two years of one-sided attacks on Bieber and miscellaneous whining, the ex-Drake & Josh star recently dialed up his obsession by ranting about the Canadian to BuzzFeed while throwing diva-levels of shade at Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.

This week, Bell went further and used an unforseen airport layover where he bumped into Aaron Carter, to mock Bieber in a faux-Jimmy Kimmel inspired Lie-Witness video. Factor in Bell’s previous urging of his fans to sign the petition demanding Bieber’s deportation back to Canada in January and Bell’s retweet of Seth Rogen’s infamous Bieber tweet, and it all adds up to a big, fat I.O.U.

Di conseguenza.

Last night, Bieber and co. rolled up to the front of Mixology in a Sprinter van. The superstar merely popped his head outside — and the place erupted.

Pictures of Justin with fans at The Grove and news of his crashing Bell’s album release party have been flying across social media all night, with a #DrakeBellFlopParty hashtag trending on Twitter earlier today.

The mischievous Bieber uploaded two posts on his Instagram account.

One was an Instagram video which showed hysterical fans greeting him with the fanfare of an Emperor, next to a caption that omitted any reference to Bell and deadpanned: “So nice seeing my fans at the grove tonight.”

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, later joined the online euphoria.

Bieber’s other post, which he deleted, was inevitably caught and retweeted by triumphant Beliebers. It showed Bell on a balcony watching the heartthrob’s van getting The Beatles treatment by fans.

The deadly caption seems to need little decoding:

Drake Bell Shamed

Although Bell’s attempts at comeback tweets might. He subsequently deleted one post which tried to save face, and read:

@justinbieber dude! Thank you for coming to my party! I didn’t know you were down stairs sorry they didn’t let you in!! Should have hmu!”

@justinbieber Damn! they told me you were there while I was changing. I tried to come get you in time but you split. only saw you drive away

— Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) April 18, 2014

Our take?

We’re not sure why anyone between 12-25 who hasn’t reacted publicly to someone’s long-term bullying save for one occasion, wouldn’t reach their limit at some point.

Bieber’s had a year and a month of antics to mark his own report card, but it’s been a while since he’s bit back at someone coming directly at him.

Some people will no doubt say Bieber should have carried on taking the high road with Bell but that’s easier said than done, and the mood around the web appears to be a consensus that his online tormentor deserved his upstaging.

It remains to be seen whether the “Baby” singer has more pranks primed. After all, he does have two years catching up. If so — for now — Bell’s Bieber bashing just received its first equalizer.

Did Bieber go too far crashing Bell’s album release party or did Drake have it coming?

Add your comments below.

(Video: Bell watches fans mob Bieber’s van, source via @bianncarose Instagram.)

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Fans reaching out to Bieber.)

Justin Bieber With Fans In The Grove

(Photo: Bieber with more fans in the Grove.)

Justin Bieber