Watch: Alleged German Shepherd Nappers Caught On Surveillance Video

An alleged German Shepherd theft was foiled by a family’s surveillance video.

The Haskett family in Ontario, Canada, recently installed security cameras outside their residence because of crime in the area. When they came home one evening, they discovered that the 9-year-old dog, Partner, was missing.

Footage seemed to indicate several individuals scoping out the home earlier in the day, when the pooch was tied up in the front yard, and then two persons later leaving the house with the dog. Owner Neill Haskett indicated he believed the dog-nappers broke in through a front window.

The Hasketts took to social media to obtain any tips about the dog-napping, which led him the next day to a man and woman who were walking a German Shepherd.

A German Shepherd that just happened to be Partner, sporting a fresh shave.

“Neil said he’s not sure why the dog was taken, but speculates maybe his captors either wanted to keep him or try to sell him to another family. As for why Partner was shaved, Neil said he thinks maybe they were trying to conceal his identity. They also could have been trying to find a microchip under his skin so they could remove it.”

The Hasketts’ four kids — who were in the family’s vehicle when this was going on — were in “hysterics,” Neil said, adding that “They were just mortified that this person had had our dog, and they had shaved our dog.”

Upon encountering the German Shepherd, and confronting the duo who claimed they obtained the pet from an animal rescue organization, the family called police who responded to the scene. A vet subsequently confirmed that the Shepherd was indeed Partner, and the dog was returned to its rightful owners who are thrilled that Partner is back where he belongs. As is Partner himself. Neil Haskett deemed it a “very emotional homecoming.”

Although Sudbury, Ont., police have yet to provide official confirmation, a woman in her 50s has reportedly been charged with breaking and entering, theft, possession of stolen property, and mischief, according to Neil Haskett. She is reportedly due back in court on May 21. Police are on the lookout for a male suspect.

The German Shepherd is one of the most frequently stolen dog breeds.

[top image credit: SaNtINa/kIKs]