June 29, 2017
Nicki Minaj Has Some Very Strange Ideas For Her Wedding

Nicki Minaj has set a wedding date as of this writing, but that doesn't mean the rapper isn't kicking around some ideas.

Since Minaj is known for her extravagant appearance and zany music videos, it's not altogether surprising that she has a few bizarre concepts in mind for her big day. According to TV3, the ideas Nicki has reportedly scribbled in her notebook are definitely in keeping with her outrageous personality.

Before we begin, let's get one thing out of the way: This information comes from an anonymous source, which means it's possibly bogus. While it's fun to think about Nicki Minaj planning a wedding that strongly resembles one of her music videos, you shouldn't start telling everyone about the situation just yet.

The aforementioned website claims that Minaj is engaged to longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels. As such, she's already planning the sort of things she'd like to see during the wedding. It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that this includes "naked performers" and hot tubs.

"She wants to arrive by elephant, and to get soaking wet by jumping into either a pool or a hot tub for the ceremony. She's talking fire breathers, naked performers, and actually exchanging vows in the hot tub. She wants it to be the most beautiful and outlandish do of all time," an anonymous source said about the proposed event.

The insider continued, "Nicki really wants to get married in the Caribbean, as she was born in Trinidad and wants to celebrate that part of her heritage. She's talking about renting a private island and hosting a three-day party -- she wants the whole thing to be unforgettable."

While the party will feature a plethora of extravagant details, the source explained that Nicki Minaj intends to keep her wedding dress and makeup traditional and classy. "What she does in the gown will be the wild part," the insider added.

Minaj fans recently had a chance to see the rapper in more traditional garb during her recent appearance at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. In fact, some people probably had to look twice before they realized who was strutting down the red carpet.

Regardless of what Nicki Minaj chooses to do at her wedding, chances are everyone invited to the event will remember it for a very long time.

[Image via Bing]