Stephanie Hird: Adult Film Star Arrested For Decapitating Chickens In Fetish Video

Stephanie Hird is behind bars after the adult film star decapitated chickens and killed other barnyard animals in a series of fetish porn films, police in Miami say.

The 29-year-old adult film star was arrested Thursday as she tried to board a plane at Miami International Airport. Police have charged her with five counts of cruelty to animals, all felony charges.

An arrest warrant detailed the cruel fetish videos that starred Stephanie Hird, which included crushing live animals to death.

“The fish struggle and gasp while slowly being crushed to death on an ice cooler,” an arrest warrant read. “Ms. Stephanie Hird exposes her crotch area and talks to the fish about the killing while they are being crushed.”

She is not the only one behind bars for the series of videos. Sara Zaomara, 28, is facing eight felony counts of animal cruelty after decapitating chickens and beating rabbits for the fetish videos.

Detectives in Miami-Dade’s agricultural unit were tipped off about the video from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The video was hosted on a website called SOS Barn, which featured other of the “crush” fetish videos that show women killing animals.

Stephanie Hird, who performs under the name Megan Jones, is active in other fetish genres. The Miami Herald reported that she was in her hometown this week for work, soliciting fantasy sessions with customers.

Hird also uses her Facebook and Instagram pages to advertise her services.

“Are you in touch with your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them,” she wrote on her public Facebook page in February. “I have. I am f***ing crazy.”

Speaking via a video from jail, Stephanie Hird did not deny that she killed animals in the fetish videos, but said the alleged crimes took place too long ago and now fall outside the statue of limitations.