‘The Wolf Of F–king Wall Street’ By Honest Trailers [VIDEO]

Screen Junkies, the makers of Honest Trailers, have tackled Academy Award nominated film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Warning: The above video contains copious amounts of censored swearing.

According to Variety, The Wolf of Wall Street broke the record for the amount of f-bombs in the film with 502 and Screen Junkies jumps on that distinction by peppering their parody trailer with as many of those f-bombs as they can.

Released last year, the film brought in five Oscar nominations but ultimately did not bring in any wins, which explains why the trailer is cut to reflect conflict between stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Matthew McConaughey, since McConaughey won the Academy award for Best Actor in a Lead Role this past March for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Screen Junkies also somehow suddenly makes you realize just how many movies director Martin Scorsese makes starring Dicaprio.

The Wolf of Wall Street is based upon the memoir of Jordan Belfort, which is of the same name as the film. Belfort is known for founding the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont and eventually hired over 1,000 stock brokers who assisted him in defrauding $1 billion from investors.