WWE Diva Tamina Snuka: Dwayne Johnson’s Cousin’s Role In ‘Hercules’

Part-time WWE star, full-time movie star, Dwayne Johnson has enjoyed a long run of success in both the silver screen and in sports entertainment. From popular roles in the Fast & Furious Series to a memorable appearance at Wrestlemania XXX, “The Rock” is becoming a household name pertaining to entertainment itself. However, not many people know that his cousin has also landed a role in his upcoming film, Hercules.

According to Ace Showbiz, WWE Diva, Tamina Snuka, who’s real name is Sarona Reiher, was hired to star right beside Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming film. Tamina Snuka reveals that she takes part in the production but remained silent on what her role was that she landed.

Prior to Tamina Snuka landing her role on Hercules, the daughter of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka was the valet for her cousins who goes by the tag team moniker of The Usos. In retrospect, her news about attaining her role on set with her cousin, Dwayne Johnson is news from last year. An official tweet on Tamina Snuka’s official Twitter proves that.

In another article by The Bleacher Report, Tamina Snuka’s role is that of a small one and that Dwayne Johnson pulled strings to get her the role. However, it should also be reported that Tamina Snuka isn’t exactly “green around the ears” when it comes to acting. WWE itself is a lot of acting but she’s also done small roles, especially one on the Nickelodeon show, iCarly, as seen through the tweet below.

The real question is, what Tamina Snuka’s role will be. In Greek mythology, Hercules technically has many half-brothers and half-sisters so Tamina’s role could be that of a sibling to Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules. Or maybe she could be his cousin (in the movie I mean) since Hercules’s father, Zeus does have two (older) brothers (Poseidon and Hades). However, the above reports have also stated that Tamina Snuka’s role is a small one, just like her appearance on iCarly. This probably means she’ll either be a talking extra like a merchant or barmaid as examples.

Nevertheless, with the upcoming release of Hercules and her role in it, Tamina Snuka seems to be getting a push. Last Wednesday, April 16th, on WWE Main Event, Tamina won a match to become the #1 contendor to Paige’s Divas Championship, who won it after beating AJ Lee about two weeks ago. Since The Inquisitr reported that AJ Lee is now listed as “injured”, it would only make sense to have AJ Lee’s “bodyguard” step up in her absence.

Hercules is scheduled to release on July 15, 2014.

[Image via Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram]