Titanfall PS4 Port Turned Down By Sony In Order To Beat The Xbox One GPU At 1080p

The Titanfall PS4 port was turned down by Sony in order that the PlayStation 4 hardware would beat the Xbox One GPU, or at least that’s what Geoff Keighly’s Final Hours App is claiming.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Titanfall game engine is an odd duck indeed. The final version is a souped up build of Valve’s Source engine, but apparently at one point it was based upon code from the Ratchet & Clank series.

One financial analyst claimed he had the inside scoop with the management of Electronics Art, saying the Titanfall PS4 port was cancelled due to EA assuming the PlayStation 4 would fail. But now we have another supposed inside source claiming it was Sony that dropped the ball.

The story goes that when Respawn Entertainment approached Sony about the Titanfall PS4 port they were wary of one of their employees leaking any of the PlayStation hardware specifications to Microsoft. This was well before the final specifications had been locked down and manufacturing was to begin. If Microsoft were to get word that the PS4 GPU was significantly faster than the Xbox One 1080p performance then it might have been possible for some last minute changes to be made, including swapping out GDDR3 RAM for the faster GDDR5 the PS4 uses.

Despite how insulting to Respawn this story might be, it’s claimed that Sony’s gambit paid off. They managed to release the PlayStation 4 with a significant hardware advantage and the PS4 sales numbers have just exceeded seven million units sold. Microsoft just confirmed they’ve only sold five million units, giving a two million lead to Sony. At the same time, Titanfall was the number one selling game according to the NPD, beating out the PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son.

Now most gamers know that the Xbox One 1080p performance is lacking although the Direct X 12 update is hoped to improve things slightly. Even Microsoft has tried to explain away how Titanfall for the Xbox One cannot do 1080p by saying it was a matter of “tradeoffs.” Titanfall producer Drew McCoy also added his voice to the debate, essentially saying that the Xbox One vs PS4 debate is essentially a waste of time that only fanboys enjoy:

“It’s the console wars. It’s Sega does what Nintendon’t. There’s going to be games that look better on one or the other. There’s going to be exclusives that look better, for whatever reason. And we never set out to engage in the tech war. I feel like that’s a war that no one actually wins. We consciously just decided that we’re going to make a game that’s fun and new and exciting and then worry about making it as good-looking as we can. And I don’t think we made an ugly game, but no one in the office will tell you we made the prettiest game out there. Or [the one that] runs at the highest resolution.”

Do you believe the story about the Titanfall PS4 port being denied by Sony?