Wu-Tang Clan Did Not Break Silence After Member Attempted Suicide

It’s an incredibly odd week to be a Wu-Tang Clan fan. The rapping group was hit an unexpected blow when affiliated member and rapper Andre Johnson, known as Christ Bearer, reportedly severed his penis before jumping off of the second story of a North Hollywood building. The member is said to be in critical condition and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Although reports came out earlier today that the Wu-Tang Clan members made a statement about Johnson’s attempted suicide, according to E! a rep has said that no such statement was made. The rep added: “What Christ Bearer did was unfathomable. I feel for his family at this time.”

The original reports state that Wu-Tang Clan said they had “no links” to Christ Bearer despite being affiliated with the Staten Island rap group. The original statement, which is now deemed as false, read:

“Parental Advisory: Don’t Believe the HYPE. This Mother F–ker Ain’t Got S–t to do with The WUTANG Brand.”

This statement was posted to all of Wu-Tang’s social media sites but are now deleted. A photo of Andre Johnson with the text: “Not affiliated with the Wu-Tang Brand” was embedded in multiple posts across the social networking sites for the group.

Another false statement which is being debunked is a comment to The Mirror, which was from the group’s rep:

“He is not of any affiliation to Wu-Tang Clan or any of its subsidiaries. No on here has ever seen or heard of this fool until now.”

Up until his attempted suicide, Andre Johnson was working with the group Northstar when he decided to sever his penis and jump on Wednesday morning. Once he was found, police confirmed to outlets that it was indeed Wu-Tang Clan’s affiliated member Christ Bearer.

As stated, at the time he was found lying on the sidewalk with critical injuries and was immediately rushed to the hospital. As far as we know, Johnson is still receiving medical treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Just hours before Andre tried to take his life, a music video featuring Christ Bearer and Rugged Monk called “Oooh!” was put up on YouTube.

Christ Bearer’s latest project with Northstar includes Meko The Pharaoh and was originally signed by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA.

According to XXL, Johnson was very much so into God before he attempted suicide. TMZ released footage of the rapper going on a God rant.

“God’s everything. God’s me. God’s you. God is everywhere.”

Hopefully Christ Bearer finds some peace.

[Image Credit: YouTube]