iPhone 5S VS Samsung Galaxy S5: Apple Wins For Durability

The iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5 battle might seem a little unfair considering that Samsung’s best just came out recently, while Apple’s best has been in stores for quite a while. But as it turns out, the Apple iPhone 5S is the clear winner — at least in one area.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Apple iPhone 5S saved the life of a soldier from a suicide bomber. Unfortunately, the expensive smartphone was trashed in the process so Apple bought a new one for the soldier.

In the past, we’ve compared the iPhone 5S to the original iPhone 5 to see what the major differences are. Anything not available with the iPhone 5S specs probably be available with the future Apple iPhone 6 according to rumors.

SquareTrade is a company that provides extended protection plans, and they’ve put both major smartphones to the durability test. Unfortunately, part of the reason the iPhone 5S won in some regards was because its screen size was much smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen, making it easier to grip with most hands. All of the phones were also rated as having a medium risk of breaking, so the iPhone 5S was not exactly a stellar leader. So you win some and you lose some.

SquareTrade evaluated the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S5 by examining their exteriors, measuring how far they slide across a table, and by dropping them from four feet by robots. All in all, when using a 10-point scale the Galaxy S5 scored a six for durability, while the iPhone 5S was given a rating of 5.5. In this case, a higher score is a bad thing since a 10 rating means a smartphone has a higher risk of breaking. As a comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S4 had a score of seven, meaning that the S5 improved a lot in regards to durability.

Neither phones suffered any major damage with the drop test. The company also did a dunk test where the phones were immersed in water for 10 seconds. Even though the Galaxy S5 is marketed as being water resistant for up to 30 minutes, the iPhone 5S also survived. (Oh, and you should check out our article about making the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 waterproof.)