‘Hobbit 3’ Title Change: ‘There And Back Again’ Might Be Renamed

The Hobbit 3 title could be changed, according to rumors surrounding New Line Cinema’s recent registry. There and Back Again may be renamed Into the Fire, which could easily sound more interesting and reflect the action better.

Unlike the first three films in the mythos, Peter Jackson had split the short novel The Hobbit into three parts to make another trilogy, and thanks to The Desolation of Smaug, he’s been successful. The decision to make three separate movies out of The Hobbit almost makes sense if you think about the way Jackson directed the Lord of the Rings series. His fantasy epic has always been a bit long-winded and uses sweeping footage of scenery to not only show off the scope of the story, but also add to the run time.

The Hobbit is much faster paced in general, and Peter Jackson took advantage of that. Stretching each part of the story into the run time fits his style perfectly, though it made An Unexpected Journey seem like just one big critically disappointing setup for the rest of it. Now with The Hobbit 3, it was expected that he would title it There and Back Again, with rumors surrounding a possible name change to The Battle of Five Armies. Jackson probably wants the Hobbit 3 title to reflect the higher level of conflict in the final chapter.

After all, would a Hobbit 3 title like There and Back Again sound interesting to anybody who hasn’t read or seen the story yet? The current title reflects the original name of the short novel, but it just doesn’t sound that great.

The Hobbit 3 plot involves Bilbo using an artifact (the Arkenstone) that his dwarf friend Thorin holds dear to try to avoid a war. After everything he and the dwarves went through to get to the treasure in the mountain, they feel like they earned it, but everybody now wants a piece of the loot. The lake town that was destroyed when Smaug took revenge for helping Bilbo and his friends now wants compensation for their loss, the elves are there to support them, and a nation of dwarves are ready to take the treasure by force as well. Into the Fire seems much more appropriate for this situation than the more passive There and Back Again.

The Hobbit 3 title change may come because New Line Cinema registered the name The Hobbit: Into the Fire, meaning that the yet unreleased third part of the trilogy could have a much more dramatic ring to it.

What do you think of the name change for Peter Jackson’s final chapter to the Hobbit trilogy?