Selfie Video Of Tourist Kicked In Face By Train Conductor Gets A Massive 19 Million Views

A short selfie video clip taken by a Canadian tourist visiting Peru showing him getting kicked hard in the face by a train conductor has gone massively viral on YouTube, garnering over 19 million views!

Jared Michael, from Saskatoon, said he was on his way to Macchu Pichu in Peru when he was taught a lesson – namely not to stand stupidly close to open train tracks – by the train’s conductor.

Michael defended himself to reporters saying that a previous train which passed by at a much lower speed posed no threat: ‘The train definitely wasn’t going the same speed as it was the first time. It was going normal train speed. That’s why the video starts within, like, a second of me getting kicked in the head,” he said.

As you can see Michael is standing dangerously close to the train tracks and seems to begin filming the selfie just as the train goes past: “I pressed play and was going to look at where the train was, but by that time, I already got kicked in the head,” he said.

Despite himself, Michael ate some humble pie, admitting that the video made him look more than a little silly: “Honestly, even the truth is a little ridiculous and it does make me look stupid. But it was an accident and I got it on film and I think it would have been a shame to just throw it away,” he said.

Amazingly the unwitting tourist found himself more keen to catch event on film than he was about feeling the pain from the brutal kick: “Instead of saying ‘Ow!’, or ‘Maybe I was too close to the train. Wow! I got kicked in the head! I think I got that on film!” said Michael.

Either way, you have now joined a massive 19 million viewers who enjoyed a good laugh at the expense of the very unsuspecting Jared Michael. What did you think? Share your comments in the feed below.