Texting Driver: Woman Tells Cops ‘I Just Don’t Care’ About Nearly Paralyzing Cyclist

A texting driver in Australia who slammed into a bicyclist, putting him in the hospital with spinal injuries that came a hair’s-breadth from leaving him paralyzed, told police at the scene that she didn’t care what happened to her victim.

The main thing on the mind of 21-year-old Kimberly Davis was the “bulls***” she had to go through to repair her pricey vehicle.

The incident occurred last September 20, but Davis received her sentence just Monday of this week. She was fined $4,500 (about $4,200 US) and her driver’s license was suspended for nine months.

Police in Koroit, Victoria, seized the cell phone belonging to the unrepentant texting driver, and they found that as she was driving she sent and received 22 text messages, with seven different people — meaning she looked down at her phone 44 times before slamming into the bicyclist from behind.

The cyclist, whose name was not released, suffered a fractured spine and is expected to be hospitalized for three months. He is now in a spinal cage at Austin Hospital in Melbourne, while doctors say he was lucky not to be left a paraplegic.

Her cell phone showed that texting driver Kimberly Davis received her final text at 7:18 pm. Just 51 second later she was on the phone to “Triple-0,” the Australian equivalent of 911, reporting that she just hit the cyclist.

But don’t think that just because texting driver Kimberly Davis was conscientious enough to call emergency services, that she actually did anything to help the suffering cyclist. Instead, she parked her dented car about 300 feet away and sat there, waiting for the police to show up.

Two days after the extremely avoidable accident, police interviewed the texting driver, and asked her about the cyclist she injured. Her response?

“I just don’t care because I’ve already been through a lot of bulls*** and my car is, like, pretty expensive and now I have to fix it,” she told a police officer. In fact, she added, “I’m kind of pissed off that the cyclist has hit the side of my car.”

The texting driver also expressed her opinion that texting is not what caused her to nearly paralyze the cyclist. “I don’t agree that people texting and driving could hit a cyclist,” she reportedly told the cops. “I wasn’t on my phone when I hit the cyclist.”

Kimberly Davis later took to Facebook to express her remorse — at losing her license.

“Never speed and do bad things so you lose your license kiddies!” wrote the now-convicted texting driver. “This sucks.”