WWE News: Cesaro Set For Huge Daniel Bryan-Like Push

WWE made a huge star out of Daniel Bryan. While the fans wanted to see Bryan in far more main events, given more title opportunities, etc., it was Bryan who made it all happen originally. He organically started a movement that only a person like The Rock or Stone Cold did before him. WWE rode that all the way to WrestleMania, setting up an amazing year-long story that concluded with the ending we all wanted to see.

Now, WWE feels they can do the same with beloved star Cesaro. The WWE fans have loved Cesaro for some time now, this dating back to his Indy days where he would compete as a tag team specialist as well as singles star. Cesaro was never considered a top guy in any promotion, as he was just there when it seemed the entire place was hot. In Ring of Honor, he ended up tagging with Chris Hero so that he had something to do while people such as Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuiness, and Tyler Black ruled the main event picture.

Interestingly enough, this actually made him more popular, along with Hero. This resulted in the both of them getting signed by WWE. Hero ended up not working out for WWE and left the company last year, whereas Cesaro exceeded all expectations and ended up winning the United States Championship very quickly. At one point, he was disliked by management and was subsequently “buried” for it. Finally, he ended up getting in favor with the WWE crowd last year and was able to do well yet again in the tag scene as a “Real American.”

Accompanied by Zeb Colter, Cesaro and Swagger would go on to be a popular tag team in WWE. Truly, however, the star was Cesaro, and the world knew this. Thus, WWE broke up the pair after WrestleMania 30 where Cesaro was in two matches. He lost in the tag team title match on the Pre-Show, then later won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal after picking up and throwing The Big Show over the top rope.

Called “The Swiss-Superman” and now “The King of Swing,” Cesaro has made waves as a potential new candidate for top tier use. The WWE has now decided to push him by trying to create an organic movement similar to Daniel Bryan’s “Yes Movement.” The WWE fans were known for bringing signs saying “Cesaro Section” to the arenas. Now, WWE seems to be handing them out to try and help the TV crowd see that others like him, as a psychological tactic.

Despite now being paired with Paul Heyman, the plan is to push the 33-year-old as a babyface or good guy. The idea is that although Heyman is a heel manager who helped to end The Streak, Cesaro is over as a face and WWE feels there is no reason to change him.

The WWE also knows that due to his age, the time to push Cesaro is now. If WWE were to hold off on it for a while, he would be near 40 and not the same type of guy they have before them.

Cesaro is a brilliant man. He knows 5 languages fluently (English, German, Italian, French, and his native Swiss).

WWE could use him a lot internationally for years to come, heel or face. The thing is, he has to be a star first. They can do that by using him correctly. Triple H has seen how the WWE fans react to the Swiss native, and if he were to pick anyone to use in a big way this year, the most logical choice would be Cesaro.

WWE has a potentially major star currently. This is a transition period for WWE in its Reality Era. As a result, we need to see new studs in the main event picture. The days of one or two men at the top are now over and a transitional period is underway. While the old hat is still good to keep around for a while, their roles must change as the new guard rises.

Who those new people are might still be in development.