Kim Kardashian Traumatizes British Man: ‘Just Hearing Her Voice Makes Me Nauseous.’

Kim Kardashian is, perhaps, one of the most desired women in the world, but the beauty with the big behind makes British retail assistant Mike Amess vomit profusely in disgust.

The 24-year-old gay man from Exeter is not just physically, aesthetically, mentally, and perhaps even spiritually repelled by Kim Kardashian, he loathes the whole Kardashian clan and fears them like a deadly disease. Mike believes he has a phobia of the reality show family and explained to The Mirror that “Just hearing the sound of the Kardashians’ nasal voices or catching a glimpse of them on screen makes me feel nauseous and shaky.”

“My hands get clammy, my breathing gets heavier and I start sweating. Sometimes, I get teary and want to retch.”

Mike seems to be unique in his fears of all things Kardashian, admitting his irrational feelings cost him a previous relationship.

“A lot of the gay community love the Kardashians so it makes dating tough sometimes. I’ve been romantically involved with several people who like them and each one of these relationships have ended badly. My last boyfriend watched all of their shows and kept up with the celeb gossip surrounding them. He thought the Kardashians were fascinating. At first, he found my fear funny and kind of cute.”

It all began when Mike watched the now-legendary Kim Kardashian sex tape when he was just seventeen, and he believes this is where his fear of Kim and her extended family began.

“I was raised Catholic and growing up, I tried to repress my sexuality and deny that I was gay. Loads of the boys at school were going on about how good Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was. I thought I’d give it a watch in the hope it would turn me on. I downloaded the video and watched it secretly in my bedroom. But the sight of Kim writhing around with her huge bum and the sound of her horrible high-pitched wailing repulsed me.”

Showing great tenacity and a steely resolve, Mike added: “I really wanted to be aroused by her so I kept watching it but Kim Kardashain made me feel more and more upset. By the end of the tape, I had burst into tears. The experience left me terrified and I never wanted to see Kim’s face again.”

Well, good luck with that Mike. Kim Kardashian and her prized derriere are fairly ubiquitous these days. You could always try a vacation to the country, off-grid and Kim-free. Or perhaps a nice padded room, with plenty of space for your baggage and varied neuroses.