Megan Huntsman, Charged With Killing Her 6 Babies, Gave Birth At Home

Megan Huntsman, the Utah woman accused of killing six of her newborn babies over the last 10-years, gave birth at home, local police authorities say.

Investigators looking into the case that has gripped headlines around the nation, say that Huntsman did not go to a hospital to give birth to the babies, according to Pleasant Grove Police Captain Mike Roberts, who added they are not certain if she got any help.

On Sunday, Megan Huntsman was arrested and charged with six counts of murder and is being held on $6 million bail -- $1 million for each newborn -- and is expected to appear in court for her arraignment on Monday.

As to the motive for these hideous crimes, Utah police have their suspicions, however, they are not sharing any details publicly, for now at least.

Huntsman's estranged husband discovered the remains of one of the infants in her home's garage this past weekend, he called police and later on the disturbed mother confessed to killing six of her babies, putting them in a plastic bag, strangling them, and then packing them in boxes, which she left in the garage of her Pleasant Grove home over the past decade.

The gruesome killing reportedly took place between 1996 and 2006, with one of the babies being stillborn, according to Huntsman.

Roberts said Megan Huntsman hid her pregnancies -- including those of her two daughters -- from her husband and didn't tell relatives until she was in the hospital.

Neighbors have said that they never knew she was pregnant, however, looking back they remember her changing back and forth, from loose fitting to tight fitting clothes.

"So, she apparently knows how to do it," Roberts said.

But many are questioning how Megan Huntsman's husband could have not known she was pregnant every year for 10-years and gave birth at home on seven different occasions. Police do not consider Darren Brad West, 41, a suspect or person of interest in the case, although he is the alleged father of all seven dead babies.

According to Roberts, in his initial statement, West -- who has since hired an attorney -- said he did not know of any of the seven pregnancies. Police are trying to establish his involvement in the case.

The West family stated on Sunday, they are in a "state of shock and confusion" and that they're mourning "this tragic loss of life."

All of Megan Huntsman babies are believed to have been full term and police are not sure how the five-feet, four-inches tall, 105 pounds woman concealed nine different pregnancies, including those of her now 20 and 18-year-old daughters.

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