Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Are Expecting A Girl [Report]

It looks like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher will be expecting a little girl. Ashton, who will be outnumbered by the two ladies, has had practice before with a house full of girls. Kutcher was previously married to Demi Moore and acted as step father to her three daughters Rumer, 25, Scout, 22, and Tallulah, 20.

Although the pair are incredibly private about their life together, apparently they have a few close friends who are willing to give a few tips to the gossip magazines.

According to a close pal US Weekly reports that Kutcher is over the moon that he's having a girl with his fiancé Mila Kunis. The That 70's Show stars are comfortably settling into their domestic life, and Ashton is said to be, "doing on Mila."

Getting a head start on everything, it's reported that Ashton Kutcher, the reformed party boy, has ditched his club hopping ways and instead is planning play dates for his little girl with That 70's Show co-star Danny Masterson and Fianna, Masterson's 2-month-old daughter.

Mila Kunis made her first public appearance at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. It was the first time fans had seen Mila since the news hit about her engagement to Ashton Kutcher and their subsequent pregnancy. While she didn't walk the red carpet, probably to dodge those pregnancy questions, she collected an award for the Best Villain for her role in Oz: The Great And Powerful.

According to another pal, "Mila absolutely loves being pregnant."

As we previously reported, even though the couple are shy in regards to the media, they still do love to poke fun at one another. Kunis recently joined Ashton Kutcher's CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men for a guest appearance that mocked the public's fascination with their relationship.

Mila played Vivian an adventurous woman that captures Walden's eyes (Ashton Kutcher). During the episode there was a small nod to That 70's Show, the sitcom they met on all those years ago, and a few comments about famous relationships.

In the promotion that ran for the episode Mila's Vivian says to Walden:

"I don't get this whole fascination with celebrities anyway. Who cares who's dating whom or who's engaged to who or who has a sex tape that no one will ever, ever see?"
Although Mila Kunis probably won't be returning to Two and a Half Men, we can never be too sure what these two have up their sleeves.

[Image Credit: CBS]