Chuck Norris 'Confident' That He Would Have Succeeded In MMA [Video]

Since Chuck Norris has the uncanny ability to slam revolving doors and melt fire, the big guy is pretty certain he would have done remarkably well in mixed martial arts

Since the sport wasn't around during the Octagon star's heyday, folks can only wonder how well Norris would have faired against the biggest and baddest opponents the MMA arena has to offer. In fact, Chuck believes he and fellow martial artist Bruce Lee could have gone the distance.

During his recent chat with the folks at MMA Nation, Chuck Norris discussed how well he would have fared in the sport. Since the man is officially stuffed to overflowing with manliness and confidence, he doesn't doubt his abilities one bit.

"Of course MMA wasn't in existence when Bruce and I were training, and when I was fighting. Even though we fought bare fisted during our competition, and we had a lot of injuries, but it wasn't an MMA style fighting. I have to say, being confident in myself, that I feel I would have done very well in the MMA arena, because of my Judo training. I was a black belt in Judo, plus I had multiple black belts in karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and so forth," Norris said.

The veteran action hero added, "Plus I studied Jiu-Jitsu with Gene LeBell back in the early 60s and 70s, so I felt I was pretty well-rounded, and really credit that for the success I had in the ring in my competitive days. And so I feel I would have done well, and I think Bruce would have too."

According to Low Kick, Bruce Lee is a secret character in EA Sports UFC. This means fans of the Enter the Dragon alum can test their mettle against a number of fighters using the martial arts legend. However, fans of Lee and Norris can only wonder how the guys would have really fared against some MMA superstars.

While it may not seem like Chuck has a sense of humor about himself, the guy is actually glad that the jokes about his superhuman abilities bring a smile to our faces. In his column for WND, Norris seemed particularly touched that these "facts" were helping someone through their struggle with cancer.

"I'm so honored to be a part of your recovery -- even with humor and the jokes, such as those at, written about me by others. It's a proven medical fact: Laughter -- or even the anticipation of a good laugh -- can lower stress hormones significantly, whether you're young or more advanced in life," he wrote.

Do you think Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee would have succeeded in MMA?