Teen Taking A Selfie In Front Of A Train Gets Kicked In The Head By Conductor [Video]

Teenager Kicked by train conductor

A video uploaded by a teenager has gone viral after it shows him being kicked in the head by a conductor aboard a locomotive while the boy attempts a selfie. The eleven-second video clip was uploaded by the boy Jared Michael on YouTube yesterday and has since then notched up over 266,000 views ( 6 million plus now!) at the time of filing this article. “Wow, that guy just kicked me in the head!” Jared is heard saying in the video after he receives the whack. “I think I got that on film,” he adds towards the end of the video. The video seems to have gone viral after someone uploaded it on to Reddit. It was also subsequently reported by the NY Post.

Initially, while it may seem that the conductor is trying to simply harm the kid as part of a cruel prank, on second thoughts, it looks as if the conductor was actually trying to save the life of the teen – or simply wanted to push him away from the path of the oncoming train. The comments section on Reddit as well as YouTube is rife with comments that are for and against the conductor. While some are voraciously defending the actions of the conductor, there are others who say that the kick could have led to the teenager falling on to the tracks and could have harmed the kid. Redditers are even conducting a frame by frame analysis of the eleven-second video.

Meanwhile, people are also blaming the teen, Jared Michael for being simply too close to the train. Frankly, if a conductor could easily kick a person on the head whilst standing on a locomotive, the person was too close for comfort. Also, people are already calling the teenager names for being foolish enough to attempt a selfie in front of an oncoming train. Maybe he should have tried a Selfie Mirror?

Who do you think was on the wrong side here? The teenager or the conductor?

[Image via YouTube]