Tatiana Maslany Making The Rounds As ‘Orphan Black’ Returns For New Season

Tatiana Maslany burst onto the scene last year as the leading lady in a new kind of drama/action/science fiction series on BBC America called Orphan Black.

In her show, Maslany takes on the role of seven different characters, all of whom look almost exactly alike. Part of the point of the show is to find out exactly how Maslany and her many doppelganger characters came to be.

Tatiana wasn’t well known before the show took off but now that she’s gotten the notice of television audiences, it doesn’t appear she’s going anywhere anytime soon. As Orphan Black prepares to kick off its second season, Maslany has been making the talk show rounds and giving fans a little more insight into the actress’ inner workings.

Talking to Canada.com, Maslany made it plenty clear that she found the role of playing so many different characters at one time more than a little bit daunting. She did add that she also finds doing this kind of work very interesting. She said it was a good thing Orphan Black had such interesting plot points and reversals because she believes if she didn’t find it interesting, no one would find her interesting to watch.

Tatiana Maslany also gave viewers a look into how much she knows about the twists and when they are going to happen. In this interview, Tatiana said sometimes the writers will give her a heads up on a character. Other times she has to read the script right before shooting in order to find out what will happen to the women she plays.

Appearing on Conan O’Brien, Tatiana Maslany talked about the rather dark material she read as a kid. That dark material has likely helped feed the weird undercurrent that runs through her very successful new show.

O’Brien mentioned that he read books like Green Eggs & Ham, and wondered if she had done the same. Tatiana Maslany answered that she was brought up reading German fairytales because she had German parents who wanted a traditional upbringing.

Tatiana talked about the sad fact that most of the girls in the books and stories she read as a tot ended up dying in the end. These weren’t the fairytales that have been Americanized and conclude with happy endings for the lead characters.

It’s a safe bet that we’re going to be hearing more from Tatiana Maslany as the second season of Orphan Black really gets rolling but, before that happens, check out the trailer for season two above.