Security Cameras Record Thief Creeping Around Sleeping Toddler’s Bedroom

Thief Captured On Security Camera

A family’s security camera recorded a thief creeping around in a sleeping toddler’s bedroom. Thinh Le said the unidentified man broke into his family’s home in the middle of the night. As reported by KHOU News, the thief walked in and out of several rooms, stealing numerous items. The Le family slept through the intrusion.

Thinh said he was alerted to the incident the following morning. A neighbor contacted the family, as he found a briefcase and laptop in their front yard. Thinh said both items were inside his home the previous evening.

Concerned, Thinh checked his wallet and found $60 missing. He then decided to review his security footage. He was stunned to see a man breaking into his home and wandering around unnoticed.

Even more disturbing, the thief wandered into the bedroom of Thinh’s sleeping child. In the video, the thief wanders around the toddler’s bedroom before approaching the crib and shining his flashlight on the sleeping child.

Although the 2-year-old boy was not harmed, Thinh and his wife were terrified. They are specifically disturbed, as the stranger broke into their home and entered their sleeping toddler’s room undetected.

As reported by Blaze, Thinh was thankful the thief left without harming his child:

“My stomach was turning… I was really upset… As soon as I know we got broke into, I went in there right away and I checked on him… I kissed him so hard. I was so happy to see him. He’s OK.”

Authorities said the same thief broke into another home. However, the family’s dog woke the family and prompted the man to flee the scene.

Although the suspect has not been identified, he is described as a Hispanic teen. Authorities estimate the boy is approximately 16 to 18 years old. During the intrusions, the teen was wearing a “New Era baseball cap with a San Antonio Spurs logo.”

Police said the suspect has a small tattoo behind his right ear. Although it is difficult to tell, they believe the tattoo contains Asian lettering. The teen is believed to be responsible for numerous burglaries throughout the community.

Thinh said he and his wife installed a security system. However, they forgot to turn it on the night of the intrusion. They hope their story will encourage others to install security cameras and alarms to protect their family.

Authorities released the video of the thief in the sleeping toddler’s bedroom in an effort to identify the suspect. Anyone with information about the burglaries or the suspect is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at (713) 222- TIPS.