Cement Truck Accident Caught On Dashcam, Footage Goes Viral [Watch]

A dramatic cement truck accident, which was caught on a college student’s dashcam, is making its way ’round the internet, and has already been viewed and shared by thousands.

The owner of the dashcam, Guan Zhu, is lucky to be alive after the truck lost control on an intersection and found its way into Zhu’s lane in a harrowing moment on Tuesday afternoon.

The cement truck, which can be seen in the viral clip hurtling on its side towards Zhe’s, is caught by the camera, which cuts out just seconds before impact, making the clip even more dramatic.

Zhu told reporters that he installed the dashcam in his car in case he was ever in an accident. Miraculously, he and the driver of the cement truck escaped with only minor injuries.

Lt. Chuck Fleeger, the College Station Police Department spokesman, said this is the first time he has seen a person’s dashcam be used in an accident investigation:

“It shows pretty conclusive evidence of what happened. By looking at the video of the accident it seems a lot worse than it ended up,” he said.

Matthew Storey, a civil litigator from Houston, confirmed to reporters just how vital footage such as this is: “It’s evidence just like if someone took pictures. In fact you have a duty to preserve that evidence and if you don’t, depending on the circumstances you can be sanctioned,” he shared.

A member of State Farm Insurance’s media relations team, Patti Kelly, wrote in an email regarding the cement truck accident:

“In the case of an auto accident – and particularly if there is a dispute about what happened – State Farm welcomes video footage from a dash camera. Video footage can serve as an important piece of the puzzle as we determine what exactly happened to cause the accident, and it assists us with processing the claim.”

It remains to be seen just how useful the footage caught by the dashcam will be when the case makes its way to court.