New Jenny On The Block; Jenny McCarthy And Donnie Wahlberg Engaged

It’s official: Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are engaged! McCarthy, who is a co-host on The View, announced the engagement on the show today, according to US Weekly. “I just got engaged!” she squealed to her co-hosts, jumping up and down in excitement.

McCarthy had been telling the group about how her dad had recently found love thanks to her matchmaking, but quickly and slyly changed the topic by saying that’s he’s very happy for her because of her own engagement. Co-host Sherri Shepherd then told the audience, “We didn’t even know! She didn’t tell us!”

Jenny was sporting a yellow sapphire engagement ring as she told the women how it happened. Wahlberg and McCarthy were at home when Wahlberg left the room and sent her son Evan back in with a card that said “WILL,” which he left with her to leave the room again. When he returned to Jenny with another card that said “YOU,” she said she knew what was happening and began to cry. Jenny’s son came back with the next card, which was adorably misspelled “MARY.” Donnie came back into the room wearing a t-shirt that said “ME?” on it with the ring in hand.

As McCarthy continued to tell her engagement story, Wahlberg appeared from the rear of the stage to surprise her.

The couple have not yet decided on a date, but are considering August 2015. McCarthy and Wahlberg have been dating since last July, when US Magazine exclusively revealed the news of they were a couple. This will be the second marriage for both Jenny and Donnie. Jenny was formerly married to her manager Ray Manzella back in the 1990s and famously dated actor Jim Carrey for five years.

Donnie had appeared on The Jenny McCarthy Show last March and the two shared some on-camera flirty banter and were seen frequently tweeting each other online. They spent the Fourth of July weekend together with friends and eventually began dating.

Donnie has two children from his previous marriage to Kim Fey, sons Xavier Alexander Wahlberg and Elijah Hendrix Walberg, while Jenny has son Evan from a relationship with director John Mallory Asher. Evan was diagnosed with autism in 2005 and McCarthy is known for her opposition to vaccines, claiming that they were the cause for her son’s autism.

McCarthy recently appeared on The Howard Stern Show and clarified that her opposition to vaccines centers more around too many vaccines at one time.

Watch a clip of the announcement below:

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