Teenagers Drag, Brutally Attack 84-Year-Old Musician Before Stealing His Car

Police are searching for a group of teenagers accused of dragging an 84-year-old man from his car, brutally attacking him with metal weapons and stealing his vehicle afterwards, Express and Star reports.

Michael Green, a jazz musician who played at the Trumpet Pub in Bilston, UK, left the pub Friday evening and entered his Toyota Avensis, when an an estimated 3-man gang of teenagers pulled him out of his own car. The teenagers then proceeded to violently attacked Green as he cowered on the street. After the brutal attack, the teenagers drove his car off, leaving the bloodied pensioner on the pavement.

Green, a single father, was brought to the hospital shortly after the attack of the teenagers. There, the doctors determined that he sustained a fractured hip, a bashed skull and a couple of wounds and bruises. Some of Green’s injuries require surgery.

His daughter, Giselle Smith, was appalled by the violent attack his father suffered at the hands of the teenagers. She said:

“I can’t begin to tell you how shocked we are, that someone could do this to my dad.”

When asked about the pub, Green’s daughter said:

“Music is my dad’s life. He played jazz and big band music and as a young musician was in the Mike Green Galaxy band. His band was a regular resident band at the Civic in Wolverhampton for many years. Going to the Trumpet is his life, he loves going there as they play live music. I’m just hoping that he has got the confidence to go back.”

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Pete Dunn released a statement regarding the attack of the teenagers:

“This was a motiveless and cowardly attack on a vulnerable and elderly man.

“I will do everything within my power to bring these culprits to justice and I am appealing for the community’s help.”

In his statement, he confirmed that the local police are on full force in searching for three teenagers possibly involved in the brutal attack. He believes that the three teenagers will soon be found with the help of the local community.

One of the teenagers, a 16-year-old, was arrested, following suspicions that he may have played a part in the crime. Local authorities did not comment further on this.

Cases of teenagers abusing the elderly have been increasing in the past weeks. Earlier this month, a bunch of teenagers in Romania was recorded on video abusing and humiliating an elderly woman on the street.

What should be the punishment for the teenagers involved in attacking the 84-year-old man?