Deadpool Movie: How To Fix What Happened In ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

The Deadpool movie might finally be given the green light now that Fox has decided that X-Men spinoff films would be a good idea once again. Initially X-Men Origins: Wolverine was going to be the first of a set, but it ended up being the beginning of its own series, and the Magneto origins movie ended up being X-Men: First Class.

After the reveal that Jennifer Lawrence might be one of the first to star in another spinoff, the Mystique movie, the doors appear to once again be open for a film that has been in limbo almost from the day it was announced. Before Deadpool gets his own movie though, it’s important to remember his real origins and how Fox can fix their character enough to make him recognizable again.

In Wolverine, Deadpool had begun as just a really good swordsman, using his katana blades with superhuman precision. He ended up being experimented on to become the ultimate weapon, being given the powers of a teleporter, as well as Cyclops’ eye blast and Wolverine’s own hidden blades. Combine this with Ryan Reynolds’ makeup which shut his mouth completely, and fans of the character were enraged. The film completely changed Deadpool from the “merc with a mouth” to a fanfiction version of Mortal Kombat‘s Baraka.

The Deadpool movie could start with Wade Wilson recovering after putting his own head back on, though while he’s recovering, his implants and powers start backfiring and giving him a rapidly growing case of cancer. The rejection of the implants, which his body literally pushes out rather painfully, combined with the rejection of most of his powers, including the teleporting and optic blast, sends him into a period of extreme pain which after a while cracks his mind. He emerges physically deformed and literally insane as he seeks out help.

Deadpool will start talking to the audience, unable to grasp the idea that nobody’s there, as others start to notice that he’s gone mentally ill and he begins to realize it himself. The mental hospital he checks into ends up transferring him to a secret ward for violent psychopaths and he ends up tortured by Dr. Killebrew. Deadpool escapes with an unwitting scientist buddy he simply calls Weasel, and takes an old woman hostage just for companionship. Needing a disguise and not wanting the world to see his face, he grabs a red and black costume out of a closet full of wetsuits and simply calls it his own. The woman he kidnaps turns out to be Blind Alfred, and Deadpool starts settling in with the revelations of what’s happened.

Eventually he discovers someone from his past, a mystic named T-Ray, is trying to kill him and he goes on the run again, this time with a teleporting device Weasel made for him. He soon meets Chris Summers, also known as Cable, who traveled back to time to help him destroy T-Ray, and then reveals he has other plans for Wade Wilson in the future.

Are there any ideas you might have about how to fix the character of Wade Wilson for the Deadpool movie?