Harry Styles Almost Falls Victim To Another Phone Prank

Harry Styles is probably very suspicious of any calls and messages he receives these days.

The One Direction singer was the target of a send-to-all prank perpetrated by actor and comedian James Corden during his appearance on The Michael McIntyre Chat Show earlier this week. Fortunately for Styles, he realized the whole thing was a goof before things got completely out of hand.

Here’s what happened: Corden decided to send a message to all the people on his contact list in hopes that someone would respond. It didn’t take long for Harry Styles to come calling, though it was obvious he wasn’t taking the communication very seriously.

“Me and you, lap dancing. Are you in or out? Come on, let’s do this,” the comedian wrote. Instead of taking the bait, Harry fired back with some quips of his own.

“Great, but what is it with you and lap dancing? What happened the last time we did that wasn’t pretty. Maybe we shouldn’t bring Max this time. Are you playing send-to-all with Michael McIntyre?” Styles wrote in response. For the uninitiated, Max is Corden’s three-year-old son.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone made Harry Styles the focus of a prank. The Inquisitr previously reported that the One Direction singer fell victim to a scheme perpetrated by DJ Nick Grimshaw and The 1975’s Matt Healy. Unfortunately for Styles, they managed to execute their joke without him catching on.

During Healy’s appearance on Grimshaw’s show, he phoned Harry in hopes of securing around £5,000 to get rid of a group of goons who were causing him trouble. The whole thing was a prank, but Styles was none the wiser.

“Sorry I’ve never rung you before now, I was just wondering, this is going to sound ridiculous, I need £5,000 and I’m in Chalk Farm, I know it sounds ridiculous but it is a serious situation, I’m in a phone booth and a bloke is pointing to a picture of Mark Owen, it’s actually quite threatening,” Matt explained.

Instead of telling the guy to get lost, Styles seemed more than happy to lend the guy a helping hand. He said, “Okay, well we’re in Bristol. But let me go and I’ll get my assistant to call you and she’ll sort it out.”

Harry Styles has apparently learned his lesson. If someone wants to get the best of the One Direction singer going forward, then they’ll have to put together something truly clever.

[Image via JStone / Shutterstock.com]