Britain’s Youngest Parents Welcome A Daughter

Britain’s youngest parents have begun raising a baby daughter that was born last weekend. The names of the couple cannot be revealed for legal reasons, but since the mother is only 12 and the father is just a year older, they have the distinction of having the lowest combined ages of any parents in Britain.

The situation involving the extremely young parents proves teenage pregnancy can happen anywhere. Also, to be specific, the mother became pregnant when she was just 11 years years old and attending primary school in her native Britain, meaning she got an especially early shot at motherhood.

On a positive note, Britain’s youngest parents seem fully committed to their relationship, and to raising their daughter together as well as possible. That’s certainly better than some other situations that cause a mother to have no choice but to raise a child alone because the father is not interested in being involved. Also, these parents seemed to escape, or at least resolve, common disagreements about whether the mother should carry the baby to term.

The youngsters reportedly have the full support of their own parents as they give their best efforts towards being parents themselves. That’s also helpful in case either the mother or father have some general questions about raising a child, or just want a babysitter so they can enjoy an evening out.

The young but seemingly dedicated parents have been together for over a year, so this isn’t a situation caused by a one-night stand or a fleeting romance. According to a source close to both parties, the couple is “totally in love.” In addition to raising their baby daughter together, the parents intend to get married at some point.

Like most proud parents, the mother and father proudly took a picture of themselves posing with the infant and have posted it online. The young mother currently lives with a family member and has her sights set on returning to school this fall.

In a Daily Mail interview, the girl’s father called the situation “heartbreaking,” but also seems eager to move forward and provide as much encouragement to his daughter and her boyfriend as possible. He added, “once the mistake has been made, you can only support them.”

Britain’s youngest parents certainly have a tough job ahead, but it appears they have a rock-solid support system. That’s important for any people who are becoming parents for the first time, but especially a pair who are so young.

[Photo Credit:] limaoscarjuliet via photopin cc