Video of Medical Doctor Rapping To Little Girl About Her Cast Goes Viral

Nope! He’s not Dr. Dre!

An awesome video of a real medical doctor rapping to a little girl on how to take care of her newly-placed cast is driving the internet crazy.

The video begins with a little girl wearing a pink cast on her leg waiting on top of a hospital bed while a woman, presumably her mother, was filming her with a cellphone camera. A doctor in a military attire enters the frame and sits down in front of the girl. From the background, a rap beat plays and what happens next blows the hospital room, and the internet away.

It was the doctor, skillfully rapping to the little patient on the bed the importance of taking care of her cast. At the end, the doctor comes to the important conclusion of his masterpiece: “Don’t get it wet…that’s it!”

He then drops the mic and rolls out of the frame like a boss!

The vid was first seen on Reddit and was uploaded by user Amandalovesu904. She titled her post: My co-workers daughter broke her foot, this is how the doctor explained how to take care of the cast.

In less than a day, the rapping doctor vid was already on 230,000 + views and is expected to grow in the next few days. On Reddit and YouTube, reactions to perhaps the coolest doctor on the block were generally positive.

Many of them were amazed by the doctor’s rapping performance. Jorge Arevalo on YouTube said:

“This guy is Awesome”

Some watchers noted the lack of amusement on the part of the girl, who only gave a few shy smiles to the camera and to the doctor. Redditor b_alliterate said:

“The girl in the cast: (‘_’)

The white woman in the back: (◠‿◠)”

Referencing the hit TV show Scrubs, redditor astograph said:

“This is turk…. all grown up.”

Doctors aren’t the first to take on the profession rapping challenge. A lawyer from Pittsburgh named Daniel Muessig busted some rhymes last month to promote his services as a criminal lawyer. Through the power of rap, he boasted of his street charm and legal prowess in a video that also went to become viral last March. Muessig even claims that before he went to the University of Pittsburgh to take up law, he went around the country by the rapper name Dos Noun as a freestyle rapper.

What can you say about the rapping doctor? Should he ditch the stethoscope for the beat box already?