Ed Sheeran Teases Collaboration With Rapper Rick Ross

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is more than willing to step outside the box when it comes to making music.

Although the singer-songwriter made a name for himself penning folky and emotionally-driven pop tunes, this doesn’t mean Sheeran’s going to keep churning out the same old thing with each new release. In fact, some people firmly believe the guy’s latest single “Sing” sounds a lot like Justin Timberlake’s early solo work. Your opinion will probably vary.

This willingness to experiment may send casual and fair weather Ed Sheeran listeners screaming for the hills. Chances are the singer will discover who his real fans are if he decides to collaborate with rapper Rick Ross at some point in the near future.

According to the International Business Times, Sheeran was recently asked if he planned to join forces with Ross in the recording studio. While he didn’t offer up any details about the project, Ed confirmed that something is presently in the works.

AceShowbiz reports that Ed Sheeran and Rick Ross started hanging out together last year. It didn’t take long for people to wonder if the singer and the rapper were working on some sort of secret musical project. While it’s clear that something is coming together, it’s still unknown when fans will get a chance to experience the fruit of their collective labor.

A slightly different sound isn’t the only thing fans can expect from Ed Sheeran’s next album. The singer previously hinted that the material he tackles in this batch of songs is a little edgier than the topics found on his debut record.

“The last album was more young and dewy-eyed and innocent. I’ve still got very nice songs on this record but some of them are bitey. The story in ‘Don’t’ is 100 percent true. I could have gotten nastier — there was more s*** that I didn’t put in,” Ed revealed.

He continued, “I was seeing someone for a bit, and then they ended up physically involved with one of my friends in the same hotel that we were staying in, while I was downstairs. And I feel like: ‘Treat people how you want to be treated.'”

Ed Sheeran is presently expected to drop X (aka Multiply) on his fans around the world on June 23. To support his new musical endeavor, the talented singer will embark on his first headlining tour across North America. The guy will kick things off in Seattle, Washington on August 22.

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