Justin Timberlake Often Receives Subtle Gift Hints From Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out what his wife wants when it’s time to buy a gift. According to Jessica Biel, she doesn’t have any trouble giving her hubby a gentle nudge in that department.

The former 7th Seven star was one of several celebrities on-hand at the Guggenheim Museum for the 2014 Blue Book event put together by Tiffany & Co. According to Vanity Fair, Justin Timberlake’s better half doesn’t have any problems suggesting what sort of jewelry she’d like to add to her collection.

“I love them all. I’m one of those girls, it doesn’t matter, any sort of beautiful, shiny, sparkly thing. But I really love aquamarine,” Biel explained.

She added, “I recently wore a beautiful chandelier earring and this incredible sort of bow bracelet to the Oscars, and it had a huge aquamarine stone, this huge gemstone, that I just thought was spectacular. But no, I’m not picky; go ahead, I’ll take it all.”

Fortunately for Timberlake’s bank account, his wife isn’t expecting fancy jewelry all the time. According to Jessica, she’s quick to wear pieces she’s acquired from high-end retailers and flea markets. As long as the item is pretty, Justin’s main squeeze will rock it without complaint.

However, she’s certainly not above occasionally steering Timberlake in the right direction when it’s gift-giving time. Biel added, “Well, I sometimes drop hints. But only to my husband.”

Jessica’s obsession with jewelry doesn’t begin and end with her alone. The Inquisitr previously reported that the actress wouldn’t mind at all if Justin Timberlake started wearing earrings again. Apparently she absolutely adored the singer’s penchant for wearing jewelry during the early days of his career.

“He wore earrings when he was a teenager, but I haven’t seen him wear them in a long time. He can wear whatever he wants. He looks good in anything!” she told the folks over at People magazine.

Biel continued, “If guys are confident and it’s who they are and they’re not putting something on just to be cool, I say go ahead, wear them. Good for you.”

When he isn’t buying expensive and inexpensive jewelry for his beautiful wife, Justin Timberlake is busy keeping his career alive and well. The singer was recently tapped to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s show Master Class. Fans who wants to hear what the singer has to say should tune into the OWN network on May 11 at 10 pm.

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