Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Pleads Guilty To DUI Charge

Dina Lohan, the mother of actress Lindsay Lohan, pleaded guilty in a Long Island, New York, court this Tuesday, to drunken driving and speeding charges.

Lohan, 51, was arrested by New York State Police after a traffic stop last September.

The anticipated sentence is that she will be fined $3000 and will have to perform 100 hours of community service. She will also be required to attend a drunken driver program and a victim impact session. This information was provided by Nassau County district attorney spokesman Paul Leonard.

Lohan’s driver’s license will be revoked, and if she intends to drive in the future, her car will need to be fitted with an interlock device. This is a system for testing breath alcohol levels before a car can be started, and will be installed for an initial period of one year under the plea agreement, Leonard said.

Dina Lohan’s attorney, Mark Heller, told CNN that she can resume driving once the interlock device is installed, even though her license remains officially revoked. He added:

“Considering this is the first day of Passover, we were very pleased to receive an offer which would resolve her criminal case in Nassau County with a commitment of no jail, no probation, and that afforded her the opportunity to resume her driving privileges shortly. She felt this was a great beginning for the Holy week and she was happy with that result.”

Following her arrest, a test showed that Lohan, who lives in Merrick, New York, had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.20. This is more than double the the legal limit, Leonard said.

The police reported that Dina Lohan was driving her white BMW at 77 mph in a 55 mph zone before she was pulled over.

Immediately following her arrest, Lohan claimed that she had been injured by the police, but she later withdrew her allegation after being evaluated by emergency personnel, who found no injuries.

This incident is simply a continuation of the saga of what some consider to be a grossly dysfunctional family, with Dina in the forefront facing accusations of exploiting her children to further her own career.

One of the worse examples was when she brought a film crew from the TV show Entertainment tonight” to photograph her visiting daughter Lindsay Lohan while she was undergoing treatment in a drug rehabilitation center.

And, just to add to Dina’s problems, it has been reported that Bankers JPMorgan Chase are seeking to foreclose on her house in Merrick.