This Is How Pizza Hut Made Last Day Of Tax Filing Yummy

Tax Filing has never been a task that has been enjoyed much. However, Pizza Hut managed to elicit a completely unique feeling of joy and content by some clever marketing and coupons.

To help relief stress of April 15, the last date to file taxes, Pizza Hut offered an online deal that made mealtime fun and more importantly, quite light on the pocket. As a direct reference to the 1099 tax form, Americans could order a large pizza and one of three ‘signature’ Pizza Hut sides (Breadsticks, Chocolate Dunkers or Cinnamon Sticks) for just $10.99. The deal was online-only and valid only April 15th.

Hungry customers who wished to eat any of the mouthwatering pizzas from Pizza Hut’s extensive list had to put in coupon code innovatively named TAXDAY to have the bill amount reduced to $10.99, which otherwise could range anywhere from $15–30. Doug Terfehr, PR Director at Pizza Hut revealed the reasons behind the campaign saying “We are featuring the deal online only so it’s a way to meet the consumer right where they are” reported restaurantnews.

United States has an increasing number of people filing their IT returns online. This year, the number was higher than all earlier years and Pizza Hut realized a great opportunity to enhance its online sales that it usually garners from its website and mobile apps, shared Doug, “There are more online filers than ever before so we feel this is a great opportunity to deliver a stress-free deal for those who are cramming to finalize their taxes before the deadline.”

Pizza Hut has been attempting to enhance its online traction and boosting its sales via virtual gateways as it proves to be a lot more efficient and cost effective than physical outlets. In the past, owing to multiple instances of employees behaving erratically, the franchisee had to suffer bad publicity. But the pizza maker has not just survived, it has thrived.

Pizza Hut's Big Dinner Box For $10.99

Keeping the tradition alive of introducing newer ways to enjoy a meal at any location that is delivered quickly, Pizza Hut had introduced a similarly priced combo called Big Dinner Box earlier. Though the same is still valid, patrons had just one day to save big, while attempting to save dollars. The company may not be involved in brand wars that is currently raging on between Taco Bell and MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut has surely come up with a well intentioned & even better timed super–saver deal.

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