Blood Moon 2014: Spectacular Photos Posted On Social Media

The celestial event called the blood moon resulted in some pretty spectacular photos posted by thousands to social media, as all eyes turned to the skies for 2014’s first lunar eclipse.

The photos, shared on social media by people all over the world, show the blood moon in its different phases lighting up the dark night skies.

Here are some of the best photos of the blood moon on Twitter:

Retweet us if you saw the amazing #bloodmoon last night?

— SmartStopSelfStorage (@Smart_Stop) April 15, 2014

Another great shot of the #bloodmoon overnight. This shot was taken by Mirwais Azami Photography.

— Incredible Pictures (@incredibIepics) April 15, 2014

Those who stayed up between 2 am and 4 am on Monday to watch the different phases of the blood moon were certainly not disappointed, and many were even able to take unforgettable images they shared on different social media sites.

The blood moon was visible mostly in North and South America, and people flocked to open spaces were they could better observe the entirety of the changes.

According to the NASA website, those observing the blood moon saw it change its appearance “from bright orange to blood red to dark brown and perhaps gray. The eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the Earth, moon and sun are in perfect alignment, blanketing the moon in the Earth’s shadow. The United States, in its entirety, will not be able to witness a full lunar eclipse again until 2019.”

[Image via Twitter]