Angela Lansbury Is Officially A Dame By Queen Of England

Dame Angela Lansbury

Angela Lansbury has been an accomplished actress for decades in film, television, and theater, but now she might have reached the pinnacle of her career. Angela Lansbury has been recognized as a dame after seven decades in the industry.

According to Sky News, Dame Angela Lansbury was joined by her son, and his wife, as well as her niece as she was bestowed the high honor by the Queen of England. Lansbury received an award for her services to philanthropy and the arts by the Queen.

Angela Lansbury is of course not alone in this high honor. She now joins the ranks of other actresses that have received the honor of being named dame. Other dames include Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Penelope Keith. In a statement Dame Angela Lansbury said:

“It is a very proud day for me to be recognised by the country of my birth, and to meet the Queen under these circumstances is a rare and lovely occasion … [The Oscar Award was] for my work in motion pictures and this is for the overall accomplishments of my life as an actress.”

Lately Angela Lansbury has been working on stage in London at the Gielgud Theater. Lansbury is currently involved in the production of Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit. She plays Madame Arcati, a sham of a medium who claims that she had her first ectoplasmic manifestation at the age of five and a half. While she doesn’t have the largest part in the play, she is the person that everyone is going to see in the show.

After all the 88-year-old has proven to be a fascinating person to watch on stage. Throughout her career she has been in Mame, Sweeney Todd, The King and I, Gypsy, A Taste of Honey — just to name a few.

Her return to the stage is a significant one as her role in Blithe Spirit marks the first time she’s been on the London stage in 40 years. Her role in the play is also the same role that won the actress a Tony for the Broadway production.

In addition she has been nominated for three Best Supporting Actress Oscars. One for her role as Nancy Oliver in the 1944 production of Gaslight, another for her role as Sibyl Vane in The Picture of Dorian Gray, and in 1962, she received a third nomination for her role as Eleanor Iselin in The Manchurian Candidate. She has also been nominated for six Golden Globes and five Tony Awards.

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