Male Officer Dresses Like Amish Woman To Expose Flasher [Photo]

A male police officer dressed as an Amish woman to expose a Pennsylvania flasher. Sergeant Chad Adams, with the Pulaski Township Police Department, said the suspect exposed himself and masturbated in front of numerous Amish children. Although the suspect was identified, the department needed proof.

Adams said the children provided a description of the flasher. However, their parents would not allow them to testify in court. As the sergeant wanted the suspect off the streets, he was forced to go undercover.

Although he is a man, the officer disguised himself as an Amish woman. Adams said he was concerned that the Amish would be offended. However, they fully supported his effort to apprehend the suspect:

“I asked and they were all for it… They didn’t want this man around here, they didn’t want this to continue.”

A female officer from a neighboring city assisted Adams in the undercover operation. Both officers wore traditional Amish aprons, bonnets, and dresses.

Male Officer Amish Woman

Throughout January and February, Adams and his partner wandered throughout Pulaski Township in disguise. In a Facebook post, the sergeant discusses his experience:

“… sometimes being a police officer means going under cover and doing what you have to do to catch the bad guy… Back in January we had an individual preying on Amish children walking home from school… I wanted to share with you that we will use all means available to try and protect our children. That includes dressing up as an Amish woman to attempt to apprehend a pervert!”

Although Adams did not apprehend the suspect, he hopes his efforts will deter future criminals.

Authorities believe the suspect was eventually arrested in neighboring Mercer County. A man who fits the suspect’s description was arrested and charged with exposing himself to children. As reported by, the unidentified man was arrested in January and sentenced to house arrest.

Adams said the incidents in Lawrence County stopped when the suspect was arrested in Mercer County. Although officials believe the same man committed crimes in both counties, Lawrence County does not have enough evidence to prosecute.

In his Facebook post, Adams said he is disappointed that the suspect will not be charged in Pulaski. However, he applauds the Neshannock and New Wilmington police for their assistance. Adams said the most important thing is the suspect is no longer bothering the children.

The officer looked unusual in his Amish woman disguise. However, the community appreciates Adams’ effort to keep the children safe.

[Images via Facebook and Flickr]