Blood Moon: A Collection Of Hilarious, Awful Photos

Blood Moon Photos: The Best Of the Worst

The blood moon has come and gone, but it’s memory will live in our minds (and on Twitter) forever. Whereas there were apparently several professional and amateur photographers who got some excellent shots of the blood moon, there are just as many more who fell a little short of perfection.

Here are some of the best of the worst blood moon photos from Twitter, for your enjoyment. Each of these blood moon photos prove one very important point — photography is not always as easy as you might think.

We saw a few varieties of this blood moon joke, but this one was the most common.

Listen, any time you can include E.T. in a tweet, you’ve got to do it. Who cares if it isn’t technically a blood moon?

You laugh, but you know that Nike actually has the marketing budget to pull off something like this. Expect to see NBA players wearing blood moon Air Jordans next year.

This is what many of the blood moon shots ended up looking like. It looks so big and bold in the sky, but when taking through an iPhone camera, the blood moon is a little less impressive.

So this is what the blood moon looks like once you get out of the city? We’ve got to say, it looks much sadder from this angle.

Come on, you knew this blood moon joke had to be coming sooner or later, right? Too easy.

Wow, who knew blood moon would be so scary?

Yeah, we know that this isn’t really a blood moon, but it’s too cute to not include.

So what did we miss? Any other blood moon photos you would have included? Let us know in the comments.