Teacher Who Ordered Brutal Attack On Student Fired

We know well the fears of what can come into our school, but now it seems prudent to worry about what goes on inside as well, as news comes out of a teacher who coerced her 8th grade students to deliver a nasty punishment on a seventh grade boy who she claims had talked back to her.

In April of 2013, Northport K-8 veteran school teacher Dru Dehart found 7th grader Radravious Williams’ remark “I wish I could curse at a teacher,” something too unbearable to shrug off and tracked down six of her 8th grade students during lunchtime to order a “hit” on Williams. Moments later, Radravious was dragged into an empty hallway and thrown onto the floor. After a few waves of being punched and kicked, the teacher came into view. The gang then began to torture Williams in front of her while she gloated.

“He said that they brought him in the hallway, and that they held him down, they kicked him, they stomped him, they beat him. And as he was trying to get away, they just basically like, continued to just torture him,” stated William’s mother, Latasha Darrisaw. “[Dehart’s] remarks was, ‘I got my eighth grade boys on you. You’re not so tough now.”

While the whole thing was caught on the schools video cameras, it took just over a year for the school board to fire her due to Dehart invoking a special hearing that forced the school board and local officials to investigate the allegations before they could proceed. While the move kept her from getting fired, the school board quickly placed the teacher on unpaid leave. When it all the evidence was gathered, it only took a few minutes for the school board to unanimously find Mrs. Dehart guilty. She was fired shortly thereafter.

Radravious was moved to a new school district the next day and recovered from his injuries, but his parents say the teacher continues to leave emotional scars on their son. As good parents, they instilled in Williams the virtue of admitting your wrong doings, and while he himself has come clean about his taunting words, Dehart has yet to do the same, including taking the young boy off the hook for what she told the boys who attacked him, even though they too have come clean.

“As far as we are concerned, they are victims in this too. They were manipulated and they were told to have a certain story,” said William’s attorney Dena Sisk Forman. “It is truly unbelievable what happened. A teacher ordered a hit on a child.”

School video shows the heartless attack on Northport student Radravious Williams.

The teacher reportedly told the boys that Radravious had threatened her, and the attackers claim this is why they assaulted him, even though they had once seen him as a friend. Yet out of all of this, Williams and his family are still looking only for a simple acknowledgement and an apology so they can move on with their life.

“Through the entire situation and even when I got the news, I wasn’t, it’s no congratulations on either side, because she’s suffering and my son is still suffering,” Radravious’ mother explained. “As a person, as any parent, you want some kind of apology. But I guess we’ll get that whenever she’s ready.”

Because of Dehart’s silence, the family is considering filing a civil rights lawsuit.

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